Driving New Direct Bookings With Meta Search

A TravelBoom Marketing Case Study on InTown Suites

With meta search continuing to evolve, it is imperative that hotels participate. With a presence on platforms like Google Hotel Ads, Trip Advisor, Kayak and more, hotels can help drive direct bookings through meta search and challenge OTAs.

TravelBoom developed a new strategy using AI-based platforms to drive direct bookings for InTown Suites through meta search.

The result? New guests, lower cancellation rates, and a high ROAS.

Situation and Background

InTown Suites, a national extended-stay hotel brand, was missing a significant market in meta search through Google Hotel Ads. The client previously had a campaign running, however management was limited, spend was constrained and high commissions resulted in lackluster performance. As a result, the campaign was abandoned.

InTown Suites knew the importance of meta search, but needed help implementing a low-maintenance plan that performed. The paid media specialists at TravelBoom worked to determine the key issues, develop a solution and launch a more impactful meta search campaign.

Key Factors: 

  • High management costs and poor bidding strategies resulted in a meta campaign that underperformed
  • Inefficient management tools created a situation where proper campaign control was impossible
  • End of campaign resulted in an increase of OTA bookings


TravelBoom utilized a new bidding strategy, backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence to create individually optimized campaigns for nearly 200 individual InTown Suites extended stay locations.

  • Smarter bidding strategies targeting customers in the shopping process
  • AI-based campaign management to find hidden opportunities
  • Transparent and fair pricing to reduce management costs

Learn how your property can dominate meta search on Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Kayak, and more.

“Over 80% of travelers begin their travel planning on meta engines such as Google, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Trivago, and others”

Market Research

Results and Analysis

During the initial two months utilizing TravelBoom’s methodology, InTown Suites was able to generate a 65% increase over their previous Google Hotel Ads campaign and realize a return on ad spend that even exceeded their branded pay per click campaigns. In addition, guests who booked through Google Hotel Ads had a significantly lower cancellation rate, which helped to improve close-in occupancy and increase RevPAR.


Increase in ROAS (GHA)


Overall Meta ROAS


Hotels and resorts alike can benefit from a well-run meta search campaign. Meta search rates are first-in-line to compete for potential guests. If your hotel isn’t represented in the feed, competitors or OTAs will capture bookings that could have been yours.

By attracting travelers throughout the booking process, an optimized meta search campaign can boast a return on ad spend (ROAS) that competes with your best performing pay per click ads, email, and other top-performing marketing efforts.

Learn more about hotel meta search management and how you can maximize your hotel’s return through Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor and more.

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